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The majority of these posts are my replies to emails, text messages, or other questions brought up in various settings. Any names or personal information have of course been removed.

11 months ago

Obedience Must Keep Pace with Knowledge

Spiritual growth is indeed a work of the Spirit, but there are many ways that we can work against the Spirit, and perhaps the most common have to do with...

12 months ago

Who Chooses Who?

There are only TWO BIRTHS in view in the whole reality of what is called predestination. And when men have not seen and felt these two births in themselves, then...

last year

Freedom from Sin

I’d like to ask you to stop for a minute and consider why it sounds so strange to you that God can overcome His enemies in man, and establish His...

last year

The Bruiser of the Serpent

Scripture seems to clearly show that every man is offered a gift, measure or seed of light or grace in their soul, that testifies for God, testifies against all sin,...

last year

Creating Ishmaels

It is so easy to create Ishmaels, and to call them the work of God, the miracle of God, the son of God, the blessing of God, the ministry of...

last year

The Work of Faith

True faith is a gift of God. It is a kind of inward perceiving and receiving of the living Truth, and all the subsequent beliefs, hungers, responses, and actions (i.e....

last year


After eating (and becoming) a lie, man severed himself, or broke himself off, from God's life and light, and then began to have a perspective, a desire, a will that...

last year

Should We Fear Evil?

To say that we don’t have to be fearful and cautious and watchful in our fallen condition about the seed of evil in man, about our natural inclination to evil,...