About Jason Henderson

I don’t have much to say about myself. But I understand that some who come across this site may, for their own peace of mind, desire to know something about the author. To these then, let me say: I am a Christian, a sincere believer in Jesus Christ, and one who desires with all his heart to walk in the new and living way that He has opened for the redeemed. My honest desire and sole aspiration is to love the Lord my God with all of my heart, soul, mind and strength, to honor Him by the perfect surrender of my will, to fear Him as the Judge of all the living, to seek Him by an incessant prayer of the heart, to know Him by the revelation and formation of His life in me, to serve Him by the operation of His grace, and to please Him by offering Him the increase of His own heavenly seed.

I have no credentials, degrees, connections, prestige, endorsements, or success stories to offer for your consideration, and would never recommend my writings based upon such things. I can only say that, by the mercy of God, and in response to great anxiety and desperation, there was a day when I began to see past the shell of religion, into a measure of the living kernel, and to find and feel that all the religion in the world is like a fading leaf when it lacks the pure life and living power of God which saves from sin, transforms the soul, and brings into oneness with Him. This is all I want to share—my small measure of His light and life—for the encouragement and the fellowship of those who can feel something behind the words. I am not looking for “likes” or subscribers; I have no monetary motives, and have the greatest aversion to theological debates. My one objective and hope, is that by sharing these things, some of you may feel the stirring of Christ’s life in your hearts, the shining of His light upon the ancient Highway of Holiness, and find a willingness wrought in your hearts to follow Him more fully in the narrow (and increasingly unpopular) way of the cross.

I am married, have four children, and live in Ohio, USA, where I am very involved in a small local church.

– Jason Henderson, August 2022